RIP software setup

DTG printers are used to print T-shirts and should have a Acrorip software to print T-shirts. Software that is used to print T-shirts there are many kinds of software names, but commonly used is AcroRip. Rip software setup is required to be installed on the computer, install software that will AcroRip this is useful for printing on T-shirt material dark and light materials.

Why should use this AcroRip software? For those of you who have DTG printer acrorip software required to install this, because this software as a separator between the ink color channel with white ink and as a regulator of the percentage of the amount of ink that we want to use. AcroRip software setup is not difficult. just to set some of it, you’ve been able to use with ease.

If the setting chanel ink is CMYK-WW (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white + white) then you must use this software, because if you do not use this software, at the time of printing t-shirts using white ink will drop out of ink white and prints on shirts irregular. Install software Acrorip only takes a few minutes to install it, uncomplicated and very easy way to install it. After the installation AcroRip is complete, you can Rip software setup.

How to install and setup Acrorip 8.26

Basically Acrorip shirt print software is to separate the ink color and white ink simultaneously to keep it out of the nozzle Head Printer DTG. Another case if you do not use white ink. In the video tutorial how to make DTG printer also learn about this step. For software that is used on the DTG printer engine is certainly not everyone understands with this app. Then that in this article I will explain How to install AcroRip software and how to AcroRip Software Setup.

Discussion article print shirt install software explains step and how to install software that allows you to rip when you install it. It will also explain how the DTG printer Rip software setup on your computer, in order to facilitate the operation of the AcroRip software. Please download the RIP software for easy way to install it. To see step How to install RIP software and RIP Software Setup please see below. If you buy a DVD tutorial how to make DTG Printer here will also explain how to install and setup AcroRip software.

Step-by-step how to install AcroRip 8.26

1. The first Disable antivirus on your computer.

2. Double-click on the “Setup exe”.

cara install software print kaos

3. Click Next.

Langkah-langkah install software printer kaos

4. Click Finish.

Install software printer kaos Install AcroRip

5. Delete shortcut first “W” and “P” on your desktop.

cara install Acrorip

6. Open the Acrorip crack folder, and then copy the file “W” and “P” and paste it in the Local Disk (C :)> AcroRip folder.

Install Acrorip dan setting Rip DTG

7. Acrorip crack that have been pasted on Local Disk (C)> AcroRip folder, and then created a shortcut on the desktop.

cara install software printer DTG

8. Please restart your computer.

After the DTG Acrorip Software installation is complete, continued by Acrorip software Setup. How to Acrorip software setup on your computer ? see details below :

Step-by-step How to AcroRip software setup

1. Open AcroRip Software and then set the template by going to View> Templates.

install software printer DTG

2. Template Settings rip by writing “Width” 33 cm and “Height” 48 cm or according to your needs.

install software acrorip untuk print kaos

3. Printer settings are used, the USB Printer Port, and Check Paper Size OFF, and then set the resolution in white and color. Resolution (White) 2880 x 1440 DPI, and Resolution (Color) 1440 x 720 DPI.

install acrorip untuk printer DTG

4. Setting layout, open the file first so that the active template box so that it can set its layout.

install software print kaos install acrorip setting acrorip

5. Setting color, select the “Ink Chanel” YKWWMC and content of “Ink Limit” 100%.

install software print kaos pada printer DTG

6. Setting White, select “Remove Black Ink”.

install software print kaos untuk print DTG

After installing the Acrorip 8.2.6 full version and setting software Acrorip finished, you can already print T-shirt with Acrorip software. To print white ink is recommended to use PNG format file. For a video how to install Acrorip software and Acrorip Software setup you can see the video below. Good luck to you.

If you need Acrorip 9.0.3, it’s now available. Please contact me

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The Acrorip 9.0.3 software is compatible with the following epson printers :

Epson stylus photo R230, R220, R210, R200, R290, R330, L800, L1800, L805.

Epson stylus office T30.

Epson stylus photo 1390, R1800, R1900, R2100, R2880.

Epson stylus Pro 4800, 4880, 4890.

Epson SureColor SC-P600, P800 and many more.

AcroRIP 9.0.3 includes the new exciting feature of one pass white and colour. AcroRIP 9.0.3 software is single pass works on DTG Printer. You can install by viewing this tutorial.