How to reset DTG printer

Discussion This article discusses how to reset based DTG printer Epson Stylus Photo1390. Basically reset at all the same printer engine process. With a paper printer or a printer that has been modified into a DTG printer, as well as the use of white ink or not using white ink.

DTG printer error handling or damaged can not be done in a quick way or directly see the problem. Printer repairs that we use have to pass through the procedure well, although the equipment and expertise that we have are adequate but still in good procedures and measures to overcome them. Sometimes when we are in a hurry with DTG print job, suddenly there is a problem that we encountered, whether it’s an error or jammed when trying to print T-shirts. fixing the actual printer is not difficult if we’ve become accustomed to the procedures performed routinely. If we are lazy in terms of maintenance then it is possible always DTG printer error. How to reset DTG printer is also not difficult as we imagine, just follow these steps only and DTG printer will return to normal.

RESET is to restore the initial settings DTG printer engine. If we’ve often using DTG printer then certainly we will do this process. how to reset the printer and when we have to do this? This happens because we too do the cleaning head, the purpose of the manufacturer of the printer is actually good is to protect the parts of the printer ink from liquids that can overflow into the parts of other printers. So the waste ink accommodating capacity is full, the overflow resulted in foam waste ink reservoir. Then it must return to the zero position by means of reset using Resetter Program.

There are several ways to overcome the printer is not responding or general error or DTG printer blink. Here how to reset the printer DTG we will learn very easily. DTG printer reset does not have to take him to the vendor DTG, you just simply reset your DTG printer yourself at home. Service printer at home is very nice if the process is smooth and successful, then from the primary to be prepared is supporting applications and tutorials. Have you already downloaded resetter printer ? You simply download service tool to complete the first step of this process. Many are on the printer resetter link that we can find in google search, there are many kinds resetter that can be downloaded for free. If your printer DTG printer modified version of T13, you should use T13 resetter program. and if your DTG printer which uses Epson 1390 then you use the resetter 1390.

We also sell DVD tutorial how to build DTG printer, in the video also discussed how the steps to reset the printer DTG. But in this article I will give her step. please read step process one by one and follow the steps to make it easier in practice, following below is the process of how to reset DTG printer.

Step by step how to reset the DTG printer

1. Change the date on the computer into October 4, 2007.

cara ink charge printer dtg


2. Launch the Adjustment program. (Ensure that your DTG Printer is turned on and connected to the computer). Select Accept.

cara ink charge printer dtg

3. Select Particular adjustment mode.

cara ink charge printer dtg

5. Select Waste ink pad counter and then click OK.

waste ink pad counter

6. Click (check) 0 coulmn and 80 column and then click Initialization.

setting waste ink pad counter

7. Turn off the printer and turn the power on. Waste ink pad counter has been reset, close the program and change the computer’s date to the current date.

NOTE : If an error occurs (Error 200000011), follow the instructions below :

  1. Make sure the USB printer is properly connected to the printer to the computer.
  2. If you are using Windows 7, run using a compatibility mode.
  3. How to change the compatiblity mode simply by right clicking “AdjProg.exe” and select Properties.
  4. Select the “compatibility” and give check “Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP” and click OK.

If the installation is still an error use the second option, see below :

  1. Open the folder on the PC “C: \ Adjustments_Programs \ Stylus XXX” and then delete the folder.
  2. Go to RUN type in regedit and locate the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – SOFTWARE – EPSON – PTSG – Stylus CXX.
  3. Remove the registry key “CXX Stylus or Stylus RXX”
  4. Then do RESTART PC and then try to run the program resetter as the above step.

Similarly, the article How to reset dtg printer that allow you to reset the DTG printer machine. This is why needs to be done, because if treatment is not done immediately will cause damage and spread to other parts. I hope this article is helpful in DTG printer handle the error or a general error. Good luck..!!