How to convert epson printer L1800 to DTG

Welcome to our website Tutorial Video DTG, DIY DTG epson L1800 complete plans. This post gives you information on how to convert epson printer to DTG. Below about the Epson L1800 review before being converted to DTG printers.

Epson L1800 Specifications:

Printing Method: On-demand inkjet (Piezo electric)
Printing Resolution: 5,760×1,440dpi
All-in-One Functions: None
Printing Speed (default): 2.6 Pages/min Monochrome, 2.6 Pages/min Color
Printing Speed (photo): 45 Seconds per 10x15cm photo, 15 Pages/min Color, 15 Pages/min Monochrome.

Homemade DTG printer

How to convert epson printer L1800 to dtg
How to convert epson printer L1800 to dtg

If you make your own direct to garment printer using L1800 the prints on the shirt is very good. First of all do you know about DTG Direct To Garment Printer ? DTG Printer is a special printer for printing t-shirts. This shirt print method is very fast be compared to screen printing.

So by printing directly on the shirts, customers can print any image as they like, and this business is currently booming, you do not have to be doubt. Then that i make a video How to convert epson printer L1800 to DTG for you to learn at home and you can practice it. This video explains to build your own DTG printer kit and this is a complete guide to build your very own DTG Printer.

How to convert epson printer L1800 to DTG ? this video is the right answer for you, this will help you to convert a paper printer into a DTG printer and can directly practice by viewing this video. Don’t buy homemade DTG printer plans pdf because the instructions are incomplete. DIY DTG epson L1800 is very complete for you who want to assemble epson L1800. For beginners who started the digital printing business it is still quite difficult to get started. Because if your science is less then it will be difficult to be a big business, but if you science a lot in assembling printer, then your business will be big.

This video “How to convert epson printer L1800 to DTG”  is very easy to use, even for beginners. So you do not be afraid to be failed because you get free consultation every day. You will continue to be guided by me to successfully assemble DTG printer. Epson flatbed printer conversion is very easy if you buy the right tutorial, and do not be doubt to buy this video.

Why this video tutorial is very important, because this video will make you became an expert in assembling DTG printer machine. If you want to convert epson printer L1800 to DTG or L1300, Artisan 1430, ME 1100, 1500 W, you can use this video.

Note for you, if you buy a video make sure that the creator of the video has ever made a DTG printer. But if there is no evidence, then you will also fail to assemble DTG. Sometimes there are also guides by way of plowing or by copying from other people’s work or taking pictures of other people’s DTG printer machines just to entice the buyer into believing that the seller has never made a DTG printer yet.

Well, if you want this video you can buy it now, don’t be doubt to buy it the homemade DTG printer tutorial. If you want an expert to convert epson printer L1800 to DTG, this is your time. I  will always monitor your work when you assemble the DTG printer machine.

DVD price video tutorial assemble DTG A3 L1800 for print dark shirt and light shirt US$ 100 and discount 15% to US$ 85. This video can be used to assemble Epson L1800, L1300, 1500 W, Artisan 1430, T1100, ME 1100.

The price includes the cost of consultation during assembly DTG printer.

How to buy this DVD tutorial ? You just pay in Western Union or can be on Paypal. We will send the DVD Video via Google Drive or Pos Indonesia. Contact me via WhatsApp : +628577 9304831

dtg dvd how to make dtg printer

dtg dvd how to make dtg printer