How to install and setup Acrorip 10.3 windows 10 64bit

Acrorip 10.3 Pros and Installation Process

Acrorip 10.3 now comes with an easy user interface as well as new features compared to the previous versions. Besides, the new software is also compatible with many Epson-based UV printers, DTG printers, and DTF printers. Many more businesses can use the software.

If your business is still using Acrorip 9, you need to learn about the differences between that version with the latest one. It is also crucial to learn about the best and new features carried by the latest version. This way, you will choose the right software for a much better business.

Acrorip 10.3 Pros Compared to Version 9

The 10.3 version is also known as DTGRIP 10.3. The new version of Acrorip comes with slightly different features and design. At a glance, the look of this new version and the previous one look just the same. But you’ll figure out these differences when using DTGRIP 10.3.

  • Simpler Layout Menu

When launching the software to edit a file to print, both app versions are going to show you some menus on the right panel. First menu is the Layout menu that shows you some sizing of the opened data. On version 9, there is still an original size menu on the Layout menu.

But Acrorip 10.3 is no longer displaying the original size. The new version comes with a simpler and more minimalist Layout menu. This menu is only showing the paper size, output position, output size, scale, and repeat. While version 9 also has original size and copies.

  • Better Printer Menu

Another difference between both versions is on the Printer menu. Printer menu on both versions has a similar design and look. But version 9 supports some printers like Stylus Photo R290 and 1390/1400. But this software doesn’t support Stylus Photo L1800. Instead, it supports Stylus Photo R1800.

When using Acrorip 10.3, you will figure out there is no R290 printer on the dropdown menu. But the software supports Stylus L800, L805, L1800, and Stylus Photo R1390/1400. The new version also supports Roll Feed printing that works properly to print anything without having to use a module.

To use the Roll Feed printing feature, you need to L1800 or above. This option will not be available when you choose L800 or L805.

Installing The New Version of DTGRIP

Since DTGRIP 10.3 is considered as the better version, you need to learn how to install the software. Get the full version software and follow the steps below then you can start using the latest Acrorip 10.3.

  1. Download the full version of DTGRIP 10.3 so you can use it for free for eternity.
  2. Turn off the antivirus before starting the installation process.
  3. Find the installation file in the File Explorer. Choose “Run as administrator” after right clicking on that file.
  4. When a pop-up window appears, check the “Create a desktop icon” boxand then click on the Next button and Install button.
  5. Wait a few seconds and let the installation process finish.
  6. Once the installation process of Acrorip 10.3is done, click on the Finish button and then you will see a DTGRIP shortcut on your desktop.

But the installation process isn’t over yet. You can use the software but not for free. Follow the steps below to use the software for free.

  1. Access the Crack folder in the Acrorip download folder and you will find two files in the folder. Copy those files.
  2. Then open Local Disk C and access the DTGRIP folder. Paste the files you copied.
  3. Run the DTGRIP app by double clicking its icon on the desktop. Now, you will setup the software.
  4. Click on the View menu and then choose Template. On a pop-up window, check on the box next to the square shape. And fill the Start X and Start Y sections with 0. Then type 30 cm for the width and 42 cm for the height.

Click OK and you will save the settings. But you need to continue the setup process by editing Acrorip 10.3Layout Menu and other menus before using it.

Setting Up the Software Before Operations

The right panels contain various settings you can change and prepare before using the software. If you already use the previous version, you already know how to setup the menus on Acrorip 10.3 since the interface is still similar with a slight difference only.




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