How to build up DTF Printer L1800

DIY DTF Printer

For this article, we discuss the DTF Printer printing process or commonly referred to as Digital Transfer Film. This process is still considered new among digital printing. Why is it said to be new because this method has just defeated the Direct To Printing or DTG process. We make it easy for you if you want to make your own DTF printer on a very cheap budget. You just have to buy a video tutorial and we will send you the DTF and Vacuum Modules for you to practice yourself at your home to success through the video tutorial that we provide.

How to Build Up DTF Printer

Why is this process superior to the DTG Printing process, because the printing method is very simple, unlike the DTG Printer which requires the process to pre-treat the t-shirt material to print on black t-shirts so the process takes a while. However, all of these methods each have weaknesses, both in terms of less than optimal images such as DTF cannot print Gradations on the edges, but DTG Process can easily print any design.

All processes have advantages and disadvantages, but from all that we can complement each other, if in the DTF process itself the printing method is very simple because it does not require spraying pre-treatment liquid onto the t-shirt material, just print it on Pet Film and then give it Powder and put it in. into the oven and then after the powder melts in the DTF Pet Film, it is ready to print on the shirt by pressing it for 10 seconds, it’s quite easy, isn’t it, especially if there are lots of orders for logos, it can be done quickly and neatly.

DTF Printer process

You don’t need to hesitate anymore if you want to try the DTF Printer method because this method is very promising and a quick return on investment. If you want to make a DTF Printer machine yourself, then you can simply buy our Video Tutorial who has experience in the process of this DTF Printer. We will guide the manufacturing process until it is successful and you don’t need to worry.

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